Notts Pride 23 Hosts

The Notts Pride Hosts are an bombastic mix of established Nottingham talent!

The Wicked Witch of the East Midlands Marilyn Sane!

The chaotically hilarious Madame Tess Tickles!

The Ridiculous, Rancid & Beautiful Nana Arthole!

The Rambunctious & Raunchy Selma Clitz!

& the seductive, sultry songstress Jade Amay!

This beautiful talented bunch will be taking you through all the fabulous education & entertainment that pride MainStage has to offer!

We asked Notts Pride hosts what Pride means to them:

“Pride to us means being your authentic self surrounded by your fabulous community! It means taking the opportunity to reflect where we have come from and celebrate the freedoms we have whilst acknowledging the distance we still have to go and showing up for those who don’t have the opportunity to show up for themselves.
Drag is not a crime, Everyone deserves the right to be themselves and Pride is the perfect time to celebrate that fact.”
These fabulous people have been with us since the very first Notts Pride, there have been a few new additions, and we truly love what they do. True authentic talented Notts queens who will entertain you throughout the day.