Lace City Chorus Confirmed for Notts Pride 23 Main Stage

Lace City Chorus the only barbershop chorus for women in Nottinghamshire. Membership is open to singers of all marginalised genders which includes cis-women, trans people of all gender identities, non-binary people and gender fluid people.

Elle, musical director shares their thoughts on what pride means to them “The world is colourful, everyone is unique and that is what makes life exciting. I’ve seen friends suffer because they haven’t been able to be who they want to be and that needs to change.  It bewilders me that a person can take offense to who someone choose to love, or the name they want to be known by, or the pronouns they use. I just don’t get it!I strive to be open and curious about the world and I’m fortunate that my employer works hard to inspire us all to be inclusive and respectful.  I definitely have more to learn and understand. At work 3 or 4 years ago we had a seminar with Jessica Lynn, a transgender woman, which opened my eyes to the reality of how the LGBTQ+ community have been treated.  I want my two children (5 and 7) to grow up in a world where you’re not bullied because of you who are.  For me, Pride is about celebrating the wonderful diversity there is in the world”

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